Luv A Luffa

What started as a small garden project in 2003 has turned into an entertaining, satisfying "jobby" - a "hobby job." A special thank you to our cat, RB - who showed up under a rosebush one day (hence "RB") - for playing with the plant. Inspiration was born on the paw of a cat, you could say.

Since 2003, we've expanded from a garden to a fence, then another fence...to a half acre! We grow our luffas organically - we don't use chemicals either in the soil or on the actual plant, and our flock of Guinea Hens helps control the insect population.

We offer custom made luffa products, such as hairpins, magnets, cat toys, luffa diffusers, "Longhorn Luffas," Christmas ornaments, wreaths, bath luffas, luffa seeds and chinchilla chips just to name a few.

Browse a sampling of our luffa products via the navigation buttons to the left. We accept PayPal and will invoice you with the appropriate shipping costs.

For a larger variety of products, visit us at Keller Farmers Market (May - Oct, Saturdays 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.; please check our FB page for actual schedule), or The Book Carriage on Oak Street in Roanoke, TX.

Check us out this quote from a recent article in The Keller Citizen:

"Deb and George Terrell of Aurora aim to corner the luffa market, and have fashioned luffa into a variety of shapes and sizes, the best selling of which is a luffa-shaped mouse stuffed with catnip."




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