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About Luffas ...

Luffas, also known as loofah, loofa, muop, shi qua, si gua luo, and luffaschwamm, are a member of the cucumber family. They are a naturally resilient plant, resistent to insects and disease, and hold up well in the Texas heat. We plant our luffas in early Spring, and harvesting occurs in the Winter after the first frost. We remove the outer shell, harvest the seeds, and clean the gourd.

In the past, luffas were used as filters for marine steam and diesel engines. Luffas were also used as liners for army helmets. Nowadays luffas are most often used for bath and body products, pot scrubbers, crafts, and luffa seed oil. Luffas and the luffa flower are also edible. The young luffa can be harvested and used as a side dish just like zucchini, or included in a recipe such as Luffa and Shrimp Stir Fry.


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